Sunday, August 25, 2019

Global Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Global Marketing - Assignment Example As such, this memorandum will outline specific key tactics that shall be used in order to create a robust marketing strategy. Making 100 percent increase in sales revenue is no mean feat meaning various facets of the marketing mix will require to be addressed in order to achieve this goal. The marketing research exercise will seek to gather information on economic and demographic data, cultural and sociological data, overview of market conditions, level of awareness of the Mayo Clinic, reputation of Mayo Clinic and attractiveness of Mayo clinic internationally. Economic and demographic data shows data on growth and statistics in the health industry, analysis of stability of economies and how it influences the health decisions of the target markets and population trends. Cultural and sociological data provide insight into the ecological, climate history of common diseases, eating habits and their potential impact on insurance coverage and clinic choice. Finally, overview of market conditions involves analysis of the level of technology including internet knowledge in the target market, level of proficiency in resident clinics, level of health mindfulness and insurance coverage inclinations. Mayo clinic, as a brand should be in a position to exude exceptional qualities that will attract people around the world. Since its humble beginnings, nearly a hundred years, the founders of Mayo clinic sought to create an international legacy by traveling around the globe. In their expeditions, they compared notes and surgical methods with other physicians around the world in order to increase or change expertise. Mayo clinic continues in these traditions as in so many other areas of medical practice. Mayo clinic is focused on delivering exceptional care that recognizes no limits. Mayo clinic currently seeks to establish and position itself as the best service provider based in knowledge and superior care. Mayo clinic also prides itself on being multi-lingual,

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