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The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia Essay - 1429 Words

The Horrors of Animal Euthanasia Due to the domestication of cats and dogs their populations have skyrocketed. This is due in part to the lack of pet owners acting in a responsible manner. These responsibilities include the spaying and neutering of pets. These numbers of homeless animals in communities have caused humane societies to euthanize too many animals. This, I feel is a violation to animal rights and is a cruel way for these animals to have to leave this world. I disagree with the activists who believe that the way to keep animal populations down is to euthanize these poor animals. Nothing good could come from the slaughtering of these animals. Fostering large numbers of animals in communities is an overwhelming†¦show more content†¦As they take the dog on a leash down to the E-room, it wags its tail and trembles in fear. Its excited for the attention, but at the same time is in fear of what hes being led to. All the dogs stop barking as they lead him down the isle. They know whats going on. One of their fellow friends is going to die, and they may be next. They place the dog on an old blanket on the concrete floor and shave off a patch of fur on his leg. The dog starts to tremble more. A tourniquet is wrapped slowly around his leg and a syringe of cool blue liquid death enters his body making his eyelids grow heavy and eventually falling limp in the arms of the employee. His heartbeat slowly dissapates and then stops. This, unfortunately, is a regular occurence in animal shelters today. Some proponents for euthinization in animal shelters believe that giving them a dignified painless death is a lot better than leaving them out to die on the streets. Also they feel that allowing a dog or cat to be subjected to abuse and neglect is inhumane and worse than death. ( Mountain, p.2 ). I totally agree with them, but resorting to euthinization is not the only solution. We should look to the pet owners and the people of our society for the solutions. Animal shelters should have campaigns to help promote the adoption of animals in their shelter. Reach out to the people of society and let them know what kind of influence a pet can bring into their life. We shouldnt give up on theseShow MoreRelatedShould Euthanasia Be Legalized? Essay1200 Words   |  5 Pages â€Å" To insist on artificially maintaining existence without regard for its condition is a degradation of the meaning of life, not a promotion of it (Cockeram 33) .† Many adults perceive euthanasia as a murderous act that involves cruel and unusual pain; when in fact, it is usually a method that helps the individual reach their demise in a less miserable manor. Immigrants to the United States are inclined to become a citizen, not for the beautiful geography, but because the U.S. is one of the few countriesRead MoreThe Bad Of Puppy Mills1199 Words   |  5 Pagesmills are harmful to animals and they should be shut down/made illegal. Dogs in puppy mills are brutally abused and killed and they have no ability to defend themselves. In a report filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) it says that female dogs are bred twice a year and when they can no longer produce puppies they are left to die or to be killed (PETA 1). Also, puppy mill workers don t care about the animals as described in an article written by the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC)Read MoreAnimal Slaughtering Is The Killing Of Animals1255 Words   |  6 PagesAnimal slaughtering is the killing of animals; most of them domestic, and mainly for the purpose of human consumption. Many different types of animal slaughtering methods have been created such as; carbon dioxide, inert gas hypoxia, captive bolt pistol, gunshot, exsanguination, and many other that are not regulated. Such varying methods have evolved since the beginning of times, but with the increasing rates of the human population a faster way of slaughtering needed to be create d in order to keepRead MoreEuthanasi A Debate Of Morals, Ethics And The Value Of Human Life2388 Words   |  10 Pages Euthanasia has been a long emotional and tedious debate stemming as far back as ancient Roman and Greek times and is highly controversial still to this day. Some even reference Hippocrates the father of Western medicine and his Hippocratic Oath as a means of being against legalizing euthanasia in every state. Euthanasia is a debate of morals, ethics and the value of human life. Those against euthanasia focus on the word killing, but it is the person doing it to themselves and not someoneRead MoreWithin the Holocaust1193 Words   |  5 Pagesminds for eternity; the Holocaust affected many people, including the Jewish, the mentally challenged, homosexuals and, prisoners of war (POW). There are several accounts from survivors of the Holocaust, but many, people were not as fortunate. The horrors from this event were hidden. Yet children like Anne Frank, were terribly affected. The holocaust has affected millions of people and their story should be known. The Jewish people were not the only target of the Nazis, the concept of killing theRead MoreTo the Mercy Killers Analysis1359 Words   |  6 PagesDudley Randall’s poem To the Mercy Killers tackles one of the most controversial issues in America today: euthanasia. No other issue has divided and caused much division and divergence in thought and views in this county as mercy killing and has through the years along with abortion become the defining topic of politics in America. Mercy killing and in fact the very question of what defines life has becoming a moral dilemma and a divisive factor in our society. Dudley Randall’s To the Mercy KillersRead MoreThe Nazi Regime During Hitler s Reign1759 Words   |  8 PagesShepherds on him: the guard dogs first bit into his groin and thighs, then devoured him right in front of us. His shrieks of pain were distorted and amplified by the pail in which his head was trapped. My rigid body reeled, my eyes gaped at so much horror, te ars poured down my cheeks, I fervently prayed that he would black out quickly† . Therefore, from this excerpt it is shown how Homosexuals were treated viciously by getting eaten and torn up by dogs in front of a crowd; this in particular is a distinctiveRead More Utilitarianism Essay example3165 Words   |  13 Pagesthose that still have a hope of a cure. When a life is lost it does not only affect the person that has passed, it affects those who remain behind. Suicide by conventional mean can lead the survivors of the suicide lost in the trauma and in some cases horror of details of a person that did not have the option of taking their own life in a peaceful and dignified way. It is easy to see that the results far out weight he taboo of physician assisted suicide for those who have not other hope of a cure. Read More Arguments of Christopher Browning versus Daniel John Goldhagen Regarding The German View of the Holocaust2646 Words   |  11 Pagesknowledge that the largest group of people to suffer in the Holocaust was the Jews, but what about other victims? In Goldhagens novel the explanation of the protests against the Euthanasia program are clearly described as Germans upset only because these victims were Germans but deemed Life unworthy of life. The Euthanasia program saw German physicians take the lives of more than seventy thousand people. Here Goldhagen has a very valid point but it does not convince me that the Germans have aRead MoreJohn Steinbeck s The Loss Of Their Dream 1795 Words   |  8 PagesHuffington Post titled â€Å"I m Not a Tart: The Feminist Subtext of Steinbeck s Of Mice and Men.† Leighton Meester played the role of Curley’s wife and wrote this article on her perspective of this character. She writes, â€Å"Curley s wife is compared to an an imal in an effort to reduce and humiliate her. She is†¦described as a bitch who just ‘slang nine pups.’ ‘She d be better off dead,’ and that attitude is undoubtedly mirrored toward the lone woman. But when the dog gets led off to be shot, protests can

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Ethical Ethics Of An Ethical Corporation Is Not An Oxymoron

An ethical corporation is not an oxymoron. History is littered with tales of deceit and corruption. Human conduct towards ethics in today’s workplace is an important issue; recent headlines show consequences of unethical behavior on both companies and employees. Contained within the basic code of ethics in the workplace are words like, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, (Chatov, 1980). Consider questions like, is it ethical to take office supplies from work for home use, or is it ethical to use company time for personal business? What is ethical behavior? The meaning of a code ethics in the workplace for most; is to conform to accepted basic standards ethical conduct and especially professional conduct when dealing with data, e. g. scientific research, accurate statistics. In other words, ethics is putting principles into actions and consistency between what we say we value and our actions, as a matter of integrity. An action is not proper just because you can get away with it like, an executive having an affair with another co-worker, or watching videos of funny cats, when you should be doing monthly reports on sales. Stealing and lying are unacceptable conduct in the workplace, as they are anywhere else. There is a world of difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do. A basic workplace ethical code comes from the desire to benefit society and professions as a whole (Calderon, 2012). This paper proceeds as follows.Show MoreRelatedThe Role Of Ethics And Social Responsibility On Developing A Strategic Plan746 Words   |  3 Pages Ethics is the â€Å"consensually accepted standards of behavior for an occupation, trade, or profession† (Wheelen Hunger, 2010, p. G4). Ethics in business involve different standards based on the location and customs. What is ethically acceptable in one environment may not be acceptable in another. Analyzing ethics is essential when developing strategic plans. Some even may argue that there is no such thing as business ethics (Wheelen Hunger, 2010). The whole concept of ethics and business is a bitRead MoreThe Importance of Ethics in Business Essay1475 Words   |  6 PagesEthics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles correlated to human behavior concerning the rightness and wrongness of specific conduct, and to the good and bad that influences and ends those actions (, 2011). In other words, ethics is the choice people effect in regards to a decision they need to achieve. Without ethics directing the choice an individual makes, moral prefe rences of what should or should not be done becomes irrelevant. While ethical decisions areRead MoreBusiness Ethics Is Not an Oxymoron1431 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Ethics Is Not An Oxymoron by Dexter Calma Ateneo Graduate School of Business Business, in a very simplified definition, describes an exchange of something for another. In this context, it can be implied that there is a fiduciary understanding that the parties involved receive goods or services that are of equal value according to the appraisal system that they have agreed upon, whether it is based on units of measurement, or just mere goodwill. Thus, ethical standards that are appliedRead MoreThe Corporation Joel Bakan Presents Arguments872 Words   |  4 PagesIn the book, The Corporation Joel Bakan presents arguments, that corporations are nothing but institutional pathological psychopaths that are â€Å"a dangerous possessor of the great power it wields over people and societies.† Their main responsibility is maximizing profit for their stockholders and ignoring the means to achieve this goal, portrays them as â€Å"psychopathic.† Bakan argues that, corporations are psychopaths, corporate social responsibility is illegal, and that corporatio ns are able to manipulateRead MoreAnalysis : The Corporation Joel Bakan878 Words   |  4 Pagesbook, The Corporation Joel Bakan, presents arguments: that corporations are nothing but institutional pathological psychopaths that are â€Å"a dangerous possessor of the great power it wields over people and societies.† Their main responsibility is maximizing profit for their stockholders and ignoring the means to achieve this goal. This in results portrays them as â€Å"psychopathic.† Bakan argues that: corporations are psychopaths, corporate social responsibility is illegal, and that corporations are ableRead MoreBusiness Ethics: Adelphia Scandal1476 Words   |  6 PagesAs the turn of the 21st Century evolved, it appeared as if Adelphia Communications Corporation was on a direct path of success; unbeknownst to their investors and the public, they were in reality on a direct path of destruction instead. Unfortunately, Adelphia is not the first major company in the hist ory of the United States’ business world to lose the trust of the American public, but it is certainly one of the most notable ones to do so. As the events surrounding the Adelphia scandal unfoldedRead MoreThe Issue Of Business Ethics Essay1359 Words   |  6 Pages An oxymoron acts as a form of figurative language that grasps the attention of the reader and puts emphasis on two or more words. In the context of everyday life we hear some â€Å"normal† oxymorons such as â€Å"jumbo shrimp, passive aggressive, awfully good, The Great Depression,† and of course, â€Å"business ethics.† In terms of â€Å"business ethics,† the common misconception still remains that the word, â€Å"business† and the word, â€Å"ethics† should never be adjacent. Primarily, I find this misconception offensiveRead MoreTesco and The Horsemeat Scandal1413 Words   |  6 Pagesrevolves around Tesco’s issues with Corporate Social Responsibility (Hench f orth know as CSR) as they didn’t hold themselves to the stakeholders and society in general. These issues with CSR can be explained through applying agency theory and various ethical theories. Furthermore the actions taken by Tesco will be examined; both how they handled the scandal and the repercussions for parties involved in the scandal. Finally the effect of this scandal on Tesco’s overall performance will be assessed andRead More The ethics in which we work Essay1885 Words   |  8 PagesThe ethics in which we work Human Resources Through out the course of this class my thoughts and views on the aspect alone of the human resources department has changed. I once thought this was a department that had little to no foothold in the dynamics of a corporation. However it is now evident to me that with out the HR department the entire functionality of any organization would crumble to ruins. For this research paper the assignment was to investigate and research one aspect ofRead MoreBusiness Ethics Notes3727 Words   |  15 Pagesfor Business Ethics Business ethics can be defined as written and unwritten codes of principles and values that govern decisions and actions within a company. In the business world, the organization’s culture sets standards for determining the difference between good and bad decision making and behavior. In the most basic terms, a definition for business ethics boils down to knowing the difference between right and wrong and choosing to do what is right. The phrase business ethics can be used

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Policies and Protocols of Business Management †

Question: Discuss about the Policies and Protocols of Business Management. Answer: Introduction This assignment is about the selection or the recruitment of the store manager in the retail shop of Australia. Being the HR of the retail store I am appointed with this task to recruit a store manager. A retail store or a retail shop is an entity that scolds consumer goods primarily to the end consumers. Where as a store manager is a person who manages the store, where each and every employee is answerable to him where every little or big activity takes place with his permission(Singla 2013). Our retail store has its own policies and procedures regarding the selection of the employees. In order to select a store manager following procedure is followed to recruit a right person in the organization: logical thinking test, behavioral intelligence test, psychometric tests written tests essays etc group discussion round personal interview In the first round the applicants have to undergo a logical or behavioral or a psychometric test, following to this the qualified applicants will have to pass an essay written test, only those candidates that has passed this stage will move forward to group discussion and ultimately few will reach the personal interview stage and the selected ones will get the appointment letter(Azarello 2011). Technology in the Recruitment Process Employers are now improving the ways of recruiting the new employees. Following technologies can be used by the retail shop to improve the efficiency(Parthasarthy 2010). 1.Video-recruitment: Taking interviews on video. 2.Intelligent screening software: This software screens, grades and shortlist the perfect candidates In order to get the support of the senior manager, I will prepare a blue print for this selection process about how we can increase our efficiency by conducting recruitment process by different means and this is i am going to communicate with him by preparing a PPT, because it will help me more in keeping my points in front of him, this PPT will not only help in this selection process but we can make further improvements for future's recruitment procedures. For the existing staff, if any new policy or procedure is made then it will be communicated them by a video message that will not only contain that policy or the procedures information but about what they have to do and what not(Khan 2013). Conclusion Above is a short essay on a recruitment process of a store manager, here is a conclusion provided on that. With the advancement in technology organizations are finding newer ways of conducting recruitment process that are efficient and cost effective. Being the HR of the retail store it is the duty of the HR to conduct the recruitment process efficiently and effectively. Bibliography Azarello, P 2011, Practical Step for Advancing Your Career, Bath. Khan, R 2013, 'Policies Protocols of Business Management', Business World , p. 10. Parthasarthy, S 2010, 'Placement Preparation', Jobs Hunt Daily, p. 12. Singla, RK 2013, 'Retail Marketing Management', Marketing World, p. 50.

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Silence Wreaks Havoc on America free essay sample

BREAKING NEWS: Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, rumors about the alleged escape of Killer Silence have been confirmed. According to reports from the Deputy of Speaking Your Mind, this criminal is highly persuasive and poses a threat to anyone with personal values. Killer Silence has been known to wreak havoc during times of great political controversy, but his destruction is never truly contained behind bars. In the event of an encounter with said criminal, please call the Informed Opinions Department immediately. Failure to take action could compromise your safety and clear conscience. According to recently released files, Killer Silence has been charged on tireless accounts of convincing people with valuable opinions to remain silent on pressing issues in America. This versatile criminal has pervaded countless areas of debate, taking a toll on everything from politics to education to family. His crimes range from warning students against standing up to a bully to convincing a senator to vote in favor of a law that perpetuates violence. We will write a custom essay sample on Silence Wreaks Havoc on America or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Killer Silence will continue to undermine our country’s goals if we don’t lock him away for good. Killer silence is cunning in his infiltration of American society. You may not notice him lurking during your middle school debates or dinner table conversations, but more often than not, Killer Silence is there. He is often disguised as â€Å"keeping the peace† and will leave your likability intact. You may, however, discover a feeling of guilt after stuffing your opinions down a few too many times. As appealing as a polite conversation seems, the truth of this matter cannot be avoided: the longer Killer Silence roams free, the longer you remain imprisoned by his coercion. Killer Silence has made his most obvious impact on America in the macro sense. As local officer Jeffrey Justice states, â€Å"Killer Silence has been undermining the work of political advocates for decades.† Many people who’ve dedicated their careers to improving America’s laws and social institutions have found their efforts futile because of this criminal’s persistence. Killer Silence has made it extremely difficult for core problems to be addressed within our government; people are afraid to speak out. His presence in America promotes an alarming amount of prejudice and discriminatory behavior on an institutional level. Without strong advocates for positive change, this convict will continue to stanch our progression as a country. While Killer Silence has played a large role in our country’s destructive tendencies in the past, there is still hope for justice. This criminal’s capture begins with making changes on a small level. The next time that you come into contact with Killer Silence, don’t be afraid to confront him head-on. Voice your concerns with the way an individual is being treated; write an article about the way you think climate change should be addressed. This felon feeds off inaction. Sharing your opinions may not seem like a major contribution, but change on a national scale starts with a few people standing up for their beliefs. Small steps will lead to larger steps; larger steps will lead to real progression. The stronger our convictions are, the sooner we can see Killer Silence behind bars. This felon may be threatening, but if we band together and raise our voices, the silence won’t be quite as deafening.