Monday, December 9, 2019

Policies and Protocols of Business Management †

Question: Discuss about the Policies and Protocols of Business Management. Answer: Introduction This assignment is about the selection or the recruitment of the store manager in the retail shop of Australia. Being the HR of the retail store I am appointed with this task to recruit a store manager. A retail store or a retail shop is an entity that scolds consumer goods primarily to the end consumers. Where as a store manager is a person who manages the store, where each and every employee is answerable to him where every little or big activity takes place with his permission(Singla 2013). Our retail store has its own policies and procedures regarding the selection of the employees. In order to select a store manager following procedure is followed to recruit a right person in the organization: logical thinking test, behavioral intelligence test, psychometric tests written tests essays etc group discussion round personal interview In the first round the applicants have to undergo a logical or behavioral or a psychometric test, following to this the qualified applicants will have to pass an essay written test, only those candidates that has passed this stage will move forward to group discussion and ultimately few will reach the personal interview stage and the selected ones will get the appointment letter(Azarello 2011). Technology in the Recruitment Process Employers are now improving the ways of recruiting the new employees. Following technologies can be used by the retail shop to improve the efficiency(Parthasarthy 2010). 1.Video-recruitment: Taking interviews on video. 2.Intelligent screening software: This software screens, grades and shortlist the perfect candidates In order to get the support of the senior manager, I will prepare a blue print for this selection process about how we can increase our efficiency by conducting recruitment process by different means and this is i am going to communicate with him by preparing a PPT, because it will help me more in keeping my points in front of him, this PPT will not only help in this selection process but we can make further improvements for future's recruitment procedures. For the existing staff, if any new policy or procedure is made then it will be communicated them by a video message that will not only contain that policy or the procedures information but about what they have to do and what not(Khan 2013). Conclusion Above is a short essay on a recruitment process of a store manager, here is a conclusion provided on that. With the advancement in technology organizations are finding newer ways of conducting recruitment process that are efficient and cost effective. Being the HR of the retail store it is the duty of the HR to conduct the recruitment process efficiently and effectively. Bibliography Azarello, P 2011, Practical Step for Advancing Your Career, Bath. Khan, R 2013, 'Policies Protocols of Business Management', Business World , p. 10. Parthasarthy, S 2010, 'Placement Preparation', Jobs Hunt Daily, p. 12. Singla, RK 2013, 'Retail Marketing Management', Marketing World, p. 50.

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