Thursday, October 17, 2019

Motivation in a Banking System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Motivation in a Banking System - Essay Example Is there any difference between the attitude and satisfaction of male and female staff or that both of the sexes are taken care of while formulating the policy for the bank. A detailed study of the employees of banks has been made covering both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the motivation in the banking system. Anything unusual or any negative response which has come to the attention of the researcher has been very critically analyzed and carefully reviewed while making conclusions upon them. while conducting a detailed study on the motivation of employees in the banking system a lot of factors have come to the attention of the researcher that define the reason for the employees to banks to get and remain motivated at their work place. In this study a detailed study and analysis has been made of one of the most famous and leading bank in the banking industry and it has been seen tat how the motivational factors in that particular bank effect the employees of the banks and how those banks have successfully implemented those motivational factors and strategies in the their banks. What is the performance of the banks when its employees are thoroughly motivated and stress free How their basic needs and wants are taken care of. What are the reasons that they are provided with all of those facilities that have provided them with an opportunity both to excel themselves at their work place and at the same time take their organization to the level where it can be recognized as the leading banking organization in the banking industry The example which has been taken in the industry has that of the Standard Chartered Bank. A detailed study and discussion of the motivational theories applying to this banking organization has been made due to the fact that this bank has its presence in most of the countries of the world covering the countries of both developed and developing world. Therefore, it has vast culture of people working for it in different countries of the world. Standard chartered Bank has an immense amount of experience in managing those people and in motivating them so that they continue to perform better for the sake of their future and for the future of their organization. Literature Review Motivation of employees at the work place is considered to be an essential paradigm in determining the professional growth and in attaining performance development among the employees of the company. Motivation is considered to be a driving force behind the better performance and target achievement of employees in any organization. Motivation is the reason that the attitude of the employee is changed at the work place for I can't do it to I can do it because I have done it attitude. This can be achieved through various actions of the management and peers at the working place. This working paper focuses on the motivation of employees working in the banking sector and discusses how the employees of banks from managers to lower level staff are kept motivated in the big and small organizations alike for the achievement of better results for the organization. Motivation as it applies to all the organizations also applies to the

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