Sunday, September 8, 2019

ABC Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

ABC Application - Essay Example The inspiration of this idea was developed when I came across Speak and Translate software of Apple. With the passage of time, as I grew up the issues prevailing in different genders was one of the most controversial things. In my past relationship, understanding a woman remained was the most crucial aspect. I always desired to encode focusing on the tone and way they speak to understand what they actually mean. The idea of ABC Software developed when I was able to see several fun applications for assistance in different things. The use of the sensor to dedicate heartbeat, eye movement, hand movement, etc is possible with a Smartphone. The inducement of the science and technology has always been possible with Smartphone. The conflict between the psychology between the two genders (Male and Female) has remained to be one of the major issues in relationships. Personal inspiration to put science and technology together to create innovate way to overcome psychological gaps between male a nd female is possible through this application. The idea is inspired by several personal life events and observations have provided me a vision to develop this application. The tone detection to translate and decode the meaning is one of the major strength of the application. The unique feature of this application makes this application unique and desirable for individuals. The application can effective way to decode the actual meaning of a girlfriend and can significantly contribute to resolving the conflicts.

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