Thursday, September 26, 2019

Identification Questions Of POL SCI Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Identification Questions Of POL SCI - Assignment Example 5. First, a number of methods for conducting election campaigns were changed signaling democratization by a general enlargement of the voting franchise. Secondly by early 19th Century, a majority of free white adults could vote. Thirdly, the election system was characterized by two major parties that dominated it. 6. Hyper-pluralism is a state where there is a group(s) or factions that are stronger than the government making the government to be weakened. They are dangerous because they undermine the rule of simple majority. 12. First, it allows for division of power between the National, State and Local governments of which, none is superior or inferior to the other. Secondly, it has a constitution that lists the powers of these governments and describes their various institutions. Thirdly, it provides for an independent judiciary capable of reviewing the laws and regulations of the governments of each level thus avoiding power struggles. 13. With trustee, the legislators vote and act according to their own personal beliefs and what they feel is good for the society. On the other hand, delegated theory assumes the delegate as an agent of the voters and so will vote according to what the voters want even if they do not support it wholeheartedly. 16. Constitutionalism patriotism is a concept that is part of the post-nationalism theories that have been used influentially to develop the nation. A case study is their use in developing the European Union (Ceaser, 25). On the other hand, liberal nationalism refers to a kind of nationalism that is developed and identified by political philosophers who believe in non-xenophobic kinds of nationalisms. It is compatible with liberal values of freedom, individual rights, tolerance and

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