Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Research paper on a problem pertinent to my academic major

On a problem pertinent to my academic major (chemistry). Discuss and the problem and danger of being exp - Research Paper Example These accidents notwithstanding, Chemistry remains a fulfilling career and is, indeed, one of the best in today’s labor market as well as in the future. Introduction Though Chemistry is a mature and risk-laden discipline, it is an exciting, interesting and intellectually stimulating as well as financially rewarding career. Chemistry as a science deals with the investigation of the properties, composition and structure of matter, the transformation matter undergoes, and the energy changes associated with the transformation (Encyclop?dia Britannica, 2011). Chemistry has played and is playing a crucial role in conquering diseases, solving energy problems, addressing environmental problems, providing the discoveries that lead to new industries, and developing new materials and technologies for defense and global security. These represent some of the major issues that confront our society today and chemistry occupies a central position in resolving these issues. Thus the chemist re mains a relevant member of today society and will occupy that position as long as life exists on our planet. Apart from the reputation of being a chemist, is the fact that with a median annual salary of $90,000, the chemistry profession remains one of the best in the labor market (Peter, 2010). Furthermore, the interdisciplinary nature of today’s chemistry, offers the chemist the opportunity to connect with other members of the scientific community such as biologist, physicists, environmental scientist, geologist, geneticists, and even government policy makers. Thus the chemist is not an isolated individual rather a well-connected personality collaborating with others to make life on our planet exciting and interesting. The nature of current research in chemistry is another plus to the profession; indeed, today’s chemistry is interesting as well as intellectually stimulating. As chemist work in collaboration with biologist and physicist and other scientist to unveil na ture’ secrets, surprising yet interesting facts are gathered. Each answer creates more problems that need to be solved. This makes Chemistry the ideal science for anyone with creativity, intelligence, and persistence. As promising and fulfilling as Chemistry is as a profession, the profession has its other side. Chemistry has killed a lot of chemists even the most careful ones. Working in a chemistry laboratory is laden with risks. Exposure to chemicals has immediate as well as chronic effects. Injuries have been reported from implosion as well as explosion in the chemistry laboratory. Chemists have caught fire in the laboratory while some have died gradually without knowing due to exposure to ionizing radiation and toxic chemicals. It is worth mentioning that most of these accidents in laboratory are preventable if precautionary measures are followed. Given these risks associated with Chemistry, one cannot help but ask if Chemistry is worth practicing. This article seeks to answer that question. Discussion The benefits of being of chemist Key among the factors that influence career choices is economic & personal satisfaction, personal esteem, and society recognition (Bolles, 2008). With a median salary of $90,000, which is higher than the national $29,000 median salary, chemistry is a paying profession (Peter, 2010). According to the

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