Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Applying Diversity Challenges to Your Chosen Field Research Paper

Applying Diversity Challenges to Your Chosen Field - Research Paper Example This affects the process of learning and even noted to be creating a blockage in easy development of approaches that I enjoyed during my secondary course (Grace & Wells, 2007). Specially mentioning, the different experiences of life either block or support the development of cognitive ability to meet the elated requirements of the society and likewise enhance learning ability. However, the accumulation of diverse group of people belonging to different sections and cultural backgrounds certainly enhanced my ability to maintain greater sustainable development within my field of learning i.e. ESL (Drago-Severson, 2004). Additionally, the racial as well as diversified ethnic identities even acted as majorly influencing the mode of learning. In my learning filed i.e. ESL, I came across huge level of gender biasness, representing the fact that ethnic communities are affecting the universal development of people. Sexual orientation of different societies is also noted to be affecting the needs of the people, resulting in affecting the learning processes. Based on my understanding, the only mode of learning for a group of people belonging to diverse culture could be developed by proper use of integrated learning approaches and development of teacher-student relationship (Caffarella & Daffron, 2013). Grace, A. P., & Wells, K. (2007). Using Freirean pedagogy of just IRE to inform critical social learning in arts-informed community education for sexual minorities. Adult Education Quarterly, 57(2),

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