Thursday, September 12, 2019

Accomplished Practices Brochure Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Accomplished Practices Brochure - Research Paper Example The most common forms of technology that is used heavily in education are computers and information technology. With these, teachers have been able to perform their tasks more effectively. On the other hand, the students too have come to appreciate the lessons provided to them as they enjoy the entire learning process due to teaching methods that employ computers and other forms of technology. The Educator Accomplished Practices are basically guidelines by which the teacher is supposed to refer to while performing his tasks. Technology can also be used in ensuring that these are implemented according to professional standards and to the best interests of the students. In fact, it should be employed in these concerns if the teacher is genuinely interested in making his or her methods effective. The computer and software are the forms of technology that could be greatly used towards this end. One of the accomplished practices, for example is assessment. An accurate assessment of the students’ behavioral and intellectual response towards the lessons provided to them could only be achieved through a database. This database, which provides quantitative and qualitative information regarding the students’ condition, is best stored in a computer for easy access and formatting for charts and visual presentation. Other examples of how technology could be applied in ac complished practices are the use of the internet in the aspects of communication and continuous improvement. Audio-visual presentations may also be employed in sessions where the ability to think critically are honed. The teacher’s main concern why he or she should employ technology in performing his or her tasks is the students’ educational well-being. It is a fact that the individualization of education guarantees enhanced absorption of what is taught to the students. This is not easily realized in classroom setting. With the use of

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