Monday, September 23, 2019

The issues of politics and administration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The issues of politics and administration - Essay Example This paper will look into the issues of politics and administration. It will also discuss the possibility of separating politics from administration. Holding or having an opinion about such a view is very critical. It is, however, very easy to agree with all those who do not think that Wilson was right. The involvement of politics in the administration process is an everyday occurrence (Naidu, 2005). It has been there ever since the beginning, and it is here to stay. To try and stop the involvement of a higher, organized group of elite people who are out to benefit themselves is a very hard task. It is hard to hide the fact that these two are linked. It is very unlikely for any administration to make a decision without there being any outside influence. That mainly comes from the politics side of that administration. It is fair to say or point out that the dichotomy displayed by Wilson in today’s world is not applicable. The distinction is neither workable nor is it practical. Take, for example, a public school. A public school that gets its funding from the local government is usually very easy to fall prey to the involvement of politics. As the school administration wants to implement their policies, local politics comes into play. It is very easy for them to get side-lined. They get other policies to implement while being given ultimatums if they do not do as they are required (Sapru, 2006). Some of the advantages of this dichotomy would be the fact that, some policies that these administrations are forced to adopt may end up helping people. This is in line with the fact that incentives are always factors that are used to control these administrations, and the people around them. Another advantage would be the rise of more powerful individuals that may be able to run the administration. The recognition that politics gives to individuals is very appealing to many, and the fact that a politician is willing to spend time in the local areas would

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