Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Strategic HR Approach Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Strategic HR Approach - Research Paper Example I will discuss some of the solutions that I use to settle down issues within my management enterprise. It will also address some issues in employee safety and benefits. As the head of human resources; I have to evaluate the available resources in relation to the personnel required. Environmental analysis, evaluation, and formulation are also necessary for effective performance (Armstrong & Baron, 2002: 70). 1) Health and security of workers At one time, an employee had cancer and had to be hospitalized for two months, which consumed all her finances and left her with hospital bills to clear. As the head of human resource, I had to issue a statement to the finance department for them to release the finances. This was going to be dependent on the nature of output that she gave the enterprise. Since her performance was an asset to the organization, she got the cash. The rewards comparison to effort determines the eligibility of the workers to the institution. Such individuals, who help the organization towards achieving its goal, the enterprise have the obligation to maintain them and integrate them into the institution (Sharma, 2009: 98). Before employing workers, they sign an employment contract that entitles them to interests and other flexibility offers. Such benefits help cater for the employee needs. The government has also come up with enactments to ensure that workers get friendly working terms (Armstrong, 2008: 154). As the human resource director, I have the obligation to recruit new staff to the enterprise, and hence there are considerations to make including academic competence and readiness to work in a competitive environment before taking in new staff. 2) Effective relations between workers and supervisors Strategic management helps the institution realize its objective by ensuring proper maintenance of the workers. A change with the supervisors seemed necessary. Nevertheless, on changing the supervisor, more accidents were reported and the supervis or complained that the workers output was considerably low. As the head of personnel, I had to find a solution to help us regain our output and to motivate our workers on their performance. The supervisor lacked the skills to motivate the workers to improve their performance, and he should have noted that the people working were older which affected their performance. Leaders should not exert unnecessary pressure causing confusions and disrupting workers (Armstrong, 2008: 147). For effective management, an individual needs to be keen, committed with excellent problem solving skills and well equipped with the knowledge to help in understanding personal responsibilities clearly. I had to instruct the supervisor on how to handle our staff to avoid further accidents, which were due to tension among the workers. By training, giving orders, and detailing in a manner of performance helped the organization retain back to its production quantities that the supervisor improved with time after learning how to handle the personnel. It was impossible to lose all the experienced workers in the enterprise and hence the only strategy was to resolve on how to maintain both (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2011: 310). 3) Equality Punctuality in the job is quite noteworthy, and all personnel are subject to the rules irrespective of their positions or relations in the enterprise

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